Apter Industries’ premium formulations for floor finishes, strippers, carpet care materials, and specialty products have been particularly crafted to achieve the best results. Safely transform grout and tile like never before—removing heavy grease, petroleum-based soil, road salt, and virtually everything that gets tracked onto floors. Open up the pores in tile for a deep clean that restores its luster and new appearance without leaving behind slippery residue. Our everyday care formula is made to keep ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, wax, and no-wax vinyl floors gleaming and immaculate.

  • Neutral floor cleaner for safely cleaning all waxed floor surfaces.
    • Effectively cleans floors without harming the wax finish.
    • Removes every type of soil with minimal effort.
    • Concentrated formula, safe and completely biodegradable.
  • Cleans all tile floor surfaces without scrubbing

    A unique blend of surfactants will safely deep clean grout and floor tile.
    • Cleans and removes food service grease, petroleum-based soil, road salt and everything else that gets tracked onto quarry, ceramic and all other tile floor surfaces.
    • Contains Sila Pro* emulsifier which aids in slip control.
    • Worker safe, user friendly, and biodegradable.
  • Highly active floor stripper
    • Can be used to remove all water-based floor finishes.
    • Able to be applied as a no equipment needed mop-on stripper or used as a traditional machine-use stripper.
    • Formulated with highly active ingredients being more effective than conventional strippers.
  • Mop on floor finish restorer

    Mop on, floor finish restorer.
    • Repairs and refreshes waxed floors in between regular stripping and waxing cycles.
    • Can be easily rinsed from mop heads.
    • Eliminates wax build-up.
  • Floor sealer for high traffic floors
    • Dries quickly with a smooth sheen.
    • Provides a perfect base for metal-interlock floor finishes.
    • Higher solids sealer that provides a hard, durable pore-filling base.
  • Distinctive acrylic metal interlock floor finish

    Distinctive acrylic metal interlock floor finish
    • Durable, easy to maintain and dries to a high gloss.
    • Holds up under heavy wear. Can be scrubbed with water and detergent without harming the finish.
    • Will not discolor over time and resists scuff marks.
  • High solids metal interlock floor finish

    High solids metal interlock floor finish
    • Contains 25% solids.
    • Durable and easy to maintain. Can be cleaned with detergents.
    • Slip-resistant, safe for use on high traffic floors.
  • Biodegradable concrete and asphalt degreaser

    Blasts through oil stains and heavy grease without scrubbing.
    • Biodegradable, nonflammable, environmentally friendly, and safe to use.
    • Fast acting surfactants quickly remove oil and stains from trash and soft drinks.
    • Oil eating microbes break down oil and replace slow acting bio-organic powders.
  • Carpet Cleaner works on stains, salt, mud, and anything else that is tracked onto carpeting.
    • Ready to use.
    • For heavy grime, spray directly on stains and clean with carpet scrubber.
    • Only a small amount necessary.
  • Extra heavy duty floor cleaner-degreaser
    • Industrial strength, water soluble cleaner-degreaser.
    • Can be used in immersion tanks, steam cleaners and pressure washers.
    • Contains low foaming agents to prolong the machine scrubbers’ motors and perform at a high level.


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