Apter Industries develops hard-working formulations for immaculate restaurant facilities—including spotless food and beverage areas, pristine fountain drink and coffee stations, shiny glass and stainless-steel surfaces, and sparkling, germ-free countertops and equipment. Power through grease on grills, food preparation equipment, counters, walls, shelving, restroom fixtures, and all types of surfaces. Blast away grime, leaving areas glistening and streak-free with zero residue.

  • Removes stains from coffee pots, their dispensing carafes, and inside coffee makers.
    Coffee Pot Cleaner
    • Is powerful and easy to use. It eliminates the need for heavy scrubbing to remove stains on coffee pots.
    • Removes the toughest stains from frequently used coffee pots making coffee taste fresh.
    • Can also be used a weekly run through to clean out commercial coffee makers and their holding tanks.
  • SMDC

    Effectively removes the buildup of coagulated syrup and sugar from drip trays on soda machines.
      • Soda Machine Drain Cleaner is easy to use and requires no scrubbing.
      • Soda Machine Drain Cleaner is economical. One treatment per month is sufficient for preventing the build caused by crystallized sugar and syrup.
  • Oven Safe Cleaner removes high protein soil from all types of ovens including Convection, Combination, and Conventional.
  • Painless

    Food Grade Formula Cleans Glass, Stainless Steel, Plexiglas Sneeze Guards
    • Painless Stainless Steel Multi-Surface Cleaner is concentrated but ready to use.
    • It blasts through dirt, dries fast, and doesn't streak. Best of all its food grade formula won't leave a residue so it's perfect for use in food prep and serving areas.
  • Big Bug

    Maintains Grease Traps and Drain Lines.  Safe for Food Prep Areas and Eliminates Odors.
  • Concentrated Biodegradable Food Service Cleaner and All Purpose Degreaser

    • Removes all fat and protein based soil on all food preparation surfaces.
    • Works great as a fryer boil out, in grease traps, to unclog food service sink drains and as a food preparation area mopping agent.
    • It's high concentration and versatility make it a great cost saver.
  • Podel


    Concentrated High-Foaming, Fast-Acting Dish Detergent

    For Dishes Pots, Pans, and Food Preparation Areas

    • Produces long lasting suds that degrease and remove the most difficult soils.
    • Is mild on the skin and hands. It is formulated especially for use by people who wash dishes, pots and pans all day long.
    • Has a high concentration means that less product is needed for each job and it will continue to work long after typical dish detergents fizzle out.


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