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Products that are made by Apter but are currently unavailable for purchase online.

  • Glass cleaner and polisher

    Concentrated Biodegradable Glass Cleaner
    • Effectively cleans glass, Stainless Steel, Formica, and all other shiny surfaces not harmed by water. Its polishing power leaves surfaces shining and streak-free.
    • Removes heavy soil normally untouched by glass cleaners.
    • Works great to polish chrome, and stainless steel eliminating the need for extra products.
  • Concentrated, Biodegradable All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser Squeasy Does It All Purpose Cleaner:
    • Eliminates grease and heavy soil from every surface not harmed by water.
    • Is biodegradable and offers superior cleaning without the use of phosphates or solvents.
    • Is highly concentrated lessening shipping and handling costs.
  • Heavy-Duty, Biodegradable, Non-Acid Bowl and Urinal Cleaner
    • Modest is safe to use. It contains no caustics or acids but is strong enough to remove all stubborn wash room stains.
    • Modest leaves a clean fresh scent.
  • Floor Sealer for High-Traffic Floors EXPRESS:
    • Can be used on all floors including but not limited to: terrazzo, marble, concrete, and all resilient tile floors.
    • Dries quickly with a smooth sheen.
    • Provides the perfect base for the metal-interlock floor finishes used today.
    • Is the high solids sealer that provides a hard, durable pore-filling base easily removed by any high-quality stripper.
  • Distinctive acrylic metal interlock floor finish

    Distinctive Acrylic Metal Interlock Floor Finish
    • Can be used on all floors including but not limited to: terrazzo, marble, concrete, and all resilient tile floors.
    • Durable, easy to maintain, and dries to a high gloss.
    • Holds up under heavy wear. It can be scrubbed with water and detergent without harming the finish.
    • Will not discolor over time and resists scuff marks.
  • Mop on floor finish restorer

    Mop on Floor Finish Restorer
    • Repairs waxed floors in between regular stripping and waxing cycles.
    • Can be easily rinsed from mop heads.
    • Eliminates build-up of wax because each application dissolves the previous coat.
  • Strips all types of floor finishes and waxes

    Safe Strip is Fast Acting, Safe & Easy to Use

    • Safe Strip features a low PH, contains no solvents and is phosphate free.
    • Environmentally friendly formula.
    • It is effective in removal of all types of floor finishes & waxes.
    • It can be used on resilient tile, terrazzo, marble, and any floor surface not harmed by water.
  • Heavy Duty Low-Odor Stripper

    • Is the stripper with the power of ammonia without the ammonia smell enabling it to be used in hospitals, nursing homes and other closed areas
    • Contains a unique anti-skid additive which reduces the chance of falls during stripping
    • Can be used in high concentrations without the risk of burning floor surfaces
  • Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Concentrate

    • Removes grease and heavy soil from heavy machinery, motors and transmissions, industrial plant floors, locomotives, and steel making equipment.
    • Packs a powerful punch. It effectively handles even the toughest grease and oil.
    • Is safe and easy to use. No special protective equipment is required to use the product.
  • Highly-Active Stripper

    • Can be used to remove all water-based floor finishes.
    • Is versatile. It can be applied as a no equipment needed mop-on stripper, or used as a traditional machine-use stripper.
    • Is much more effective than conventional strippers due to its highly active ingredients.
    • Has no offensive ammonia odor.
  • Heavy-Duty All Purpose Cleaner
    • Powerful blasts through soil in bathrooms, all floor surfaces, and any other tough cleaning area with ease.
    • Powerful leaves a clean fresh scent wherever it is used.
    • Powerful is economical. It’s highly concentrated so less product is needed and the cost per gallon is low.
  • Neutral Floor Cleaner for Safely Cleaning All Waxed Floor Surfaces

    • Effectively cleans floors without harming the wax finish.
    • Removes every type of soil with minimal effort.
    • Has a concentrated formula, and is safe and completely biodegradable.


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