Safe Strip Low PH Stripper

Environmentally Friendly Formula
Safe Strip is Fast Acting, Safe & Easy to Use

  • Safe Strip features a low PH, contains no solvents and is phosphate free.
  • It is effective in removal of all types of floor finishes & waxes.
  • It can be used on resilient tile, terrazzo, marble, and any floor surface not harmed by water.



Add 1 part of Safe Strip to 4 parts water. Working in small sections (4 ft. x4 ft.), apply the solutions
liberally with a mop. Allow 5 minutes contact time. Agitate with a long handled scrubber. Mop
up the spent solution and move on to the next sections. When the floor is completely stripped,
rinse thoroughly.

For Heavy Build Up

Mix a solution of 1 part Safe Strip and 1 part water and follow the above procedure.


  • 6/1 gallon case
  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums


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