Food Safe Cleaners for Food Service Industry

Our food safe cleaners are specially formulated to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We use quality ingredients to ensure the highest level of cleanliness in restaurants, cafeterias and all other food service establishments.

Food Grade Cleaning Chemicals

  • Soda Machine Drain Cleaner

    Removes coagulated syrup and sugar from fountain machine drip trays and drain lines.

    • Safe to use. Non-corrosive.
    • Simple and easy application requires no scrubbing.
    • One treatment per month keeps lines free of buildup.
  • Sunny Boy Dish Spritz Kit

    Ready-To-Use dish spritz kit.

    • Sunny Boy Dish Spritz provides a fast and easy way to clean dishes.
    • Powerful, spray-activated suds work on contact to break down and lift tough soils.
    • The refillable bottles guarantee you’ll never run low, just fill with water, and add the 2 oz. packet.

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We clean with Red & Yellow.
Your payoff is in green!

Founded in the 1930’s, we cut our teeth scrubbing up the local steel mills. Just like the “mill days”, we hung our hats on developing our no-trade-secrets disclosure, using environmentally friendly policies and making products that worked better.