SDI Glass

Concentrated Biodegradable Glass Cleaner

  • Squeasy Does It Glass Cleaner effectively cleans glass, Stainless Steel, Formica, and all other shiny surfaces not harmed by water. Its polishing power leaves surfaces shining and streak-free.
  • Squeasy Does It Glass Cleaner removes heavy soil normally untouched by glass cleaners.
  • Squeasy Does It Glass Cleaner works great to polish chrome, and stainless steel eliminating the need for extra products.



Spray Cleaning:

Squeeze the product directly into the Squeasy Does It Spray Bottle while counting Squeasy Does It One, Squeasy Does It Two (about 1 ounce). Fill the rest of the spray bottle with water cap and lightly shake. Spray on surfaces and wipe. Each 12 ounce bottle of product makes 12–16 ounce spray bottles.

Bucket Use:

For every gallon of water squeeze a Squeasy Does It One Count. Apply to surface and wipe or squeegee off.

Available Packaging:

  • 12/12 oz. case



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