Waxed Floor Cleaner

Neutral Floor Cleaner for Safely Cleaning All Waxed Floor Surfaces


  • Effectively cleans floors without harming the wax finish.
  • Removes every type of soil with minimal effort.
  • Has a concentrated formula, and is safe and completely biodegradable.



Dilute product into a mop bucket with cold water. For a half bucket it is 2 ounces. For a full bucket it is 4 ounces. Using a figure 8 motion mop on solution liberally. Pick up any excess. Work in 4 x 8 sections until the floor is complete.

Machine Scrubbing

2 oz. of Waxed Floor Cleaner per gallon of water.

Available Packaging

  • 6/1 gallon cases
  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums


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