Apter Industries started manufacturing high quality cleaners in 1967 and quickly became the leader in innovative cleaning systems. Apter Industries supplies schools, industrial plants, convenience stores and other multi-unit retail outlets. Dedication to producing safe, environmentally friendly products that “Just Work Better” led to long standing relationships with businesses that require clean facilities.

Apter Industries Products

  • Big Bug Trap and Drain Maintainer

    Our bugs are better than your bugs, it’s all about the culture.

    • Safe for food preparation areas and any surface not harmed by water.
    • Formulated to clean and maintain grease traps, floor, sink and shower drain lines. Killing odors and leaves drains free flowing.
    • Live microorganisms work to break down proteins, starch, fat and all other organic soils.
  • Clear Winner Floor Shine Enhancer

    Mop on, floor finish restorer.

    • Repairs and refreshes waxed floors in between regular stripping and waxing cycles.
    • Can be easily rinsed from mop heads.
    • Eliminates wax build-up.
  • Coffee Pot Cleaner

    Liquid coffee cleaner

    • Coffee Pot Cleaner removes stains from coffee pots, dispensing carafes, and inside coffee makers.
    • Can also be used as a weekly treatment to clean out commercial coffee makers and their holding tanks.
    • Powerful and easy to use; eliminates the need for heavy scrubbing to remove stains on coffee pots and mugs.
  • Emulso Strip Floor Stripper

    Highly active floor stripper

    • Can be used to remove all water-based floor finishes.
    • Able to be applied as a no equipment needed mop-on stripper or used as a traditional machine-use stripper.
    • Formulated with highly active ingredients being more effective than conventional strippers.
  • Everglo Floor Finish

    Distinctive acrylic metal interlock floor finish

    • Durable, easy to maintain and dries to a high gloss.
    • Holds up under heavy wear. Can be scrubbed with water and detergent without harming the finish.
    • Will not discolor over time and resists scuff marks.
  • Express Floor Sealer

    Floor sealer for high traffic floors

    • Dries quickly with a smooth sheen.
    • Provides a perfect base for metal-interlock floor finishes.
    • Higher solids sealer that provides a hard, durable pore-filling base.

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We clean with Red & Yellow.
Your payoff is in green!

Founded in the 1930’s, we cut our teeth scrubbing up the local steel mills. Just like the “mill days”, we hung our hats on developing our no-trade-secrets disclosure, using environmentally friendly policies and making products that worked better.