Everglo Floor Finish 20% Solids

Distinctive Acrylic Metal Interlock Floor Finish


  • Can be used on all floors including but not limited to: terrazzo, marble, concrete, and all resilient tile floors.
  • Is durable, easy to maintain, and dries to a high gloss.
  • Holds up under heavy wear. It can be scrubbed with water and detergent without harming the finish.
  • Will not discolor over time and resists scuff marks.



Waxing floors:

After properly cleaning and preparing the floor, apply Everglo in medium thin coats with a clean mop or applicator. Allow total drying between coats.

Spray Buffing:

Dilute 1 part of Everglo to 3 parts water.

Available Packaging

  • 6/1 gallon case
  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums



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