Embrace Summer Travel as the Cleanest C-Store on the Block

June 12, 2024

Memorial Day is one of the biggest travel days of the year, marking the beginning of vacations and summer road trips. With summer travel increasing, c-store managers must prepare for the influx of customers.

A clean convenience store not only makes a good first impression, but also increases profits and brand loyalty.

Apter Industries can help your customers feel welcomed by ensuring your restrooms, gas islands, and sales floor are always sparkling!

Keep Your Restroom Clean and Smelling Great

No one likes going into a restroom with a messy toilet or urinal, a foul stench, and a dirty sink. With more c-store customers using the facilities during their summer travels, it’s best to stay ahead of the mess.

You can do this with our Hang Time Foaming Cleanser. We’ve seen first-hand how well it works and leaves restrooms looking pristine and smelling great. Why shop around for individual cleaning products to clean your restroom with when Hang Time can do it all? Simply spray, wipe, and leave your restroom ready for customers.

Step Outside and Revitalize Your Forecourt Gas Island

Many convenience store visitors will need to use the gas pump–so, why not make it clean? With the Forecourt First Gas Island Cleaning Kit, your pumps will stand out and your employees will be using environmentally-friendly products. It’s safe for them and your customers!

Included is our Garage Gorilla Pump Cleaner, a fuel dispenser cleaner that removes heavy stains and diesel without violating the gas pump manufacturer’s warranty. Our Pump Shine enhancer improves the gas pump’s appearance and protects it from new residue. Garage Gorilla XDX Concrete Cleaner tackles tough gas and oil stains. And our Odor Killer eliminates foul smells from trash receptacles. The kit also includes an instructional card, safety vest, gloves, towels, and more to make the job as easy as possible for your employees.

Keep your Soda Machine Running Smoothly

There’s nothing quite like a sweet, bubbly soda to quench your thirst on a road trip. It’s no wonder soda machines get a lot of use, causing buildup from coagulated syrup and sugar forming in the lines from the drip tray. By simply using our Soda Machine Drain Cleaner your lines will run smoothly, keeping your c-store customers happy and your soda flowing during the summer travel season!

Increase Your C-Store’s Traffic During Summer Travel Season!

At Apter Industries, we’ve seen just about every possible cleaning problem in our 50+ years of helping convenience stores. Our wide range of products can tackle the toughest messes inside and out.

Visit apterindustries.com or contact Jason Zimmer directly at jzimmer@apterindustries.com to learn how we can help your c-store boost traffic during the summer travel season!

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