Facility Management Cleaning Products

We offer a broad range of facility management cleaning products to keep your space in top condition. Our commercial janitorial supplies are designed to give you the highest level of cleanliness while being gentle on surfaces. Effective in removing dirt, grime and germs leaving your facility sparkling.

Commercial Janitorial Supplies

  • Shop Floor Cleaner

    Extra heavy duty floor cleaner-degreaser

    • Industrial strength, water soluble cleaner-degreaser.
    • Can be used in immersion tanks, steam cleaners and pressure washers.
    • Contains low foaming agents to prolong the machine scrubbers’ motors and perform at a high level.
  • Soda Machine Drain Cleaner

    Removes coagulated syrup and sugar from fountain machine drip trays and drain lines.

    • Safe to use. Non-corrosive.
    • Simple and easy application requires no scrubbing.
    • One treatment per month keeps lines free of buildup.
  • Spotzee Carpet Cleaner

    Carpet Cleaner works on stains, salt, mud, and anything else that is tracked onto carpeting.

    • Ready to use.
    • For heavy grime, spray directly on stains and clean with carpet scrubber.
    • Only a small amount necessary.
  • Tile Time Floor Cleaner

    A unique blend of surfactants will safely deep clean grout and floor tile.

    • Cleans and removes food service grease, petroleum-based soil, road salt and everything else that gets tracked onto quarry, ceramic and all other tile floor surfaces.
    • Contains Sila Pro* emulsifier which aids in slip control.
    • Worker safe, user friendly, and biodegradable.
  • Waxed Floor Cleaner

    Neutral floor cleaner for safely cleaning all waxed floor surfaces.

    • Effectively cleans floors without harming the wax finish.
    • Removes every type of soil with minimal effort.
    • Concentrated formula, safe and completely biodegradable.
  • Wonder Wash Concentrated Laundry Detergent

    Concentrated liquid laundry detergent.

    • Cleans and brightens the toughest stains on all types of fabrics.
    • Compatible with high efficiency washers.
    • 2 oz. per regular load and 4 oz. for a super-size load. Finishes with a fresh scent.

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