Garage Gorilla

Keep your facilities in full swing with our line of Garage Gorilla cleaning chemicals. We manufacture the highest quality cleaners to ensure the best results. Whether it’s your forecourt or stained garage floor; with Garage Gorilla at your side the mess has truly met its match!

Garage Gorilla Products

  • Gorilla No Scrub Degreaser

    No scrub formula powers through grease and grime on any surface not harmed by water.

    • Cleans everything in the garage and removes oil spots from floors.
    • Use on grills, tractors, mowers, car engines, decks, and driveways.
    • Ready to use, can be diluted for light cleaning.
  • Gorilla Pump Cleaner

    Biodegradable Gas Pump and Concrete Cleaner/Heavy-Duty Degreaser

    • Cuts through diesel fuel, heavy grease, and road grime.
    • Contains a deodorizer that eliminates that pungent gasoline smell.
    • User friendly, containing no harmful caustics or acids.
  • Gorilla Pump Shine

    Protects surfaces and equipment from the elements while enhancing the look of all composite and metal surfaces.

    • Refurbishes trash receptacles and other gas island accessories.
    • Micro-Spray Shield works to provide a barrier against microorganisms.
    • Gorilla Pump Shine works on both inside and outside surfaces to preserve the life and look of all shiny surfaces.
  • Gorilla Shower Cleaner

    Destroys soap scum, body oils and grime.

    • Aids in forming a barrier against microorganisms.
    • Ready-To-Use, spray on surface, agitate and rinse clean.
    • No harsh-smelling chemicals, provides a refreshing black teakwood fragrance.
  • Gorilla XDX Concrete and Asphalt Cleaner

    Blasts through oil stains and heavy grease without scrubbing.

    • Biodegradable, nonflammable, environmentally friendly, and safe to use.
    • Fast acting surfactants quickly remove oil and stains from trash and soft drinks.
    • Oil eating microbes break down oil and replace slow acting bio-organic powders.

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We clean with Red & Yellow.
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Founded in the 1930’s, we cut our teeth scrubbing up the local steel mills. Just like the “mill days”, we hung our hats on developing our no-trade-secrets disclosure, using environmentally friendly policies and making products that worked better.