Facility Management Cleaning Products

We offer a broad range of facility management cleaning products to keep your space in top condition. Our commercial janitorial supplies are designed to give you the highest level of cleanliness while being gentle on surfaces. Effective in removing dirt, grime and germs leaving your facility sparkling.

Commercial Janitorial Supplies

  • Everglo Floor Finish

    Distinctive acrylic metal interlock floor finish

    • Durable, easy to maintain and dries to a high gloss.
    • Holds up under heavy wear. Can be scrubbed with water and detergent without harming the finish.
    • Will not discolor over time and resists scuff marks.
  • Express Floor Sealer

    Floor sealer for high traffic floors

    • Dries quickly with a smooth sheen.
    • Provides a perfect base for metal-interlock floor finishes.
    • Higher solids sealer that provides a hard, durable pore-filling base.
  • Forecourt First Kit

    Gas island and exterior cleaning kit

    • Contains all necessary equipment to clean the forecourt area safely and effectively.
    • Towels, safety vest and instructional materials contained for employee use.
    • Ready-To-Use products for a quick and easy cleaning.
  • Freezer Cleaner

    Ready-To-Use cleaner designed to clean floors, walls and equipment in below zero temperatures.

    • Removes soil under ice formations.
    • Will not damage freezer floors or leave slippery residue.
    • No rinsing required; proper PPE recommended.
  • Gorilla Bathroom Tuff Stain Remover

    Pulverizes soap scum and hard water stains from lime, calcium and rust.

    • Safe and effective on toilet bowls, shower stalls, food service equipment, dishwashers, coffee makers, sinks, fixtures and car wash interiors.
    • For complete removal of hard water rust stains.
    • Use product in a well-ventilated area.
  • Gorilla Bug Bucket Wash

    Concentrated squeegee bucket solution.

    • Formulated with high-quality, streak-free cleaners.
    • Concentrated, effective, low-cost glass cleaner for bug bucket reservoirs and light pump cleaning.
    • Actively works to reduce and eliminate odors in bug bucket reservoir.

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