Apter Industries’ premium formulations for floor finishes, strippers, carpet care materials, and specialty products have been particularly crafted to achieve the best results. Safely transform grout and tile like never before—removing heavy grease, petroleum-based soil, road salt, and virtually everything that gets tracked onto floors. Open up the pores in tile for a deep clean that restores its luster and new appearance without leaving behind slippery residue. Our everyday care formula is made to keep ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, wax, and no-wax vinyl floors gleaming and immaculate.

  • Pristine


    High Solids Metal Interlock Floor Finish

      • Pristine can be used on all floors including but not limited to: terrazzo, marble, concrete, and all resilient tile floors.
      • Pristine contains 25% solids.
      • Pristine dries to a magnificent luster, and will not discolor over time.
      • Pristine is durable and easy to maintain. It can be cleaned with detergents without harming the finish.
      • Pristine is slip-resistant, making it safe for use on high traffic floors in industry, institutions, and commercial establishments.
  • Concentrated Biodegradable Tile Floor Cleaner
      • Tile Time Cleans and removes food service grease, petroleum based soil, road salt and everything else that gets tracked onto Quarry, Ceramic and all other tile floor surfaces.
      • Tile Time's unique blend of surfactants will safely deep clean grout and floor tile.
      • Tile Time contains Sila Pro* emulsifier which aides in slip control.
      • Tile Time is worker safe, user friendly, and biodegradable.


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